MONTISA Handmade Designer Folding Korai Pai Mat




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  • Material: Korai grass/ River grass/ Sedge/ reed/madurkathi, a plant under the Cyperaceae family.
  •  This Korai pai mat is totally handmade, biodegradable and ethnic. Therefore, it is an environment-friendly product.
  • This mat is foldable and light in weight; hence, it is travel-friendly.
  • No chemical colour has been used to colour the threads, consequently, no nasty smell comes.
  • This product is the bad conductor of heat as a result ideal for humid conditions like in India.
  •  This lucrative product can be used for multiple purposes, like sleeping, seating, Yoga practice etc.
  •  Pattamadai mat has very aesthetic value in our social life’ it has wide use in marriage and other important ceremonies.
  •  This beautifully crafted floor mat can be presented as a gift for every occasion to our love one and similarly be used for a business gift.

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