Pooja Mats - Puja Aasans - Aasan for sitting on floor

MONTISA Pooja Mats for sitting

If you are looking for a perfect Puja mat for your daily rituals, MONTISA Pooja Mats will be the right choice for you.

Our Pooja mats are made from Madurkathi glass, a close species of the auspicious Kusha grass, but unlike Kusha grass Madurkathi mats are more durable, and comfortable and feel the same natural grass. You will feel the holiness of the pristine Kusha grass while using our madurkathi puja mats.

Our Madurtathi glass pooja mats are more premium than their Korai grass pooja mat counterparts. Madurkathi mats are more well-built and sturdy. These mats are more comfortable to use and more well-built than the traditional Kusha grass or Korai grass Puja mat.

The sticks are more durable than the Kusha and Korai grass. The weaving is more compact and sturdy than the other mats.

We use 100% organic cotton and jute threads and organic plant colors. which are 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable.

These Kusha grass mats for puja measure 18 inches in length and 18 inches in width, they are available in packs of 1,2, and 10 pieces

These handwoven sitting mats are available in attractive designs & Colors.

You can make your puja room brighten up by using these portable aasanas.

Our Madurkathi Puja Mats come in two variants one is plain natural color and the other one with an intricate handwoven design by our skilled artisans using colorful cotton threads.

Either of the two will give you an elevated feeling of peace. While you keep them in your pooja room these pooja mats will give you a feeling of being close to nature.

These mats don’t elicit any bad odor like the low-cost single-use plastic Puja mats. But instead, they spread a smooth mild original natural grass smell that will elevate your spirit while you meditate or perform your Puja rituals

These mats come in various packs. You can buy a single piece or you can buy 2,4,6,8 or even 10 pieces pack according to your need.

These mats are biodegradable and 100% organic and free from any harmful chemicals.
Being organic and natural fiber makes these mats 100% biodegradable and helps avoid any sort of animal or environmental harm.

When disposing of the old mats you don’t have to feel guilty about causing plastic or chemical waste pollution to our nature as in the case of plastic mats or synthetic velvet mats which use artificial cotton and harmful chemical colors.

Another positive aspect is that when you buy these handmade organic mats you are actively supporting an artisan community and rural economy to grow, and a centuries-long tradition to continue.

Our mats are handwoven by rural people who are highly skilled from generations and they have learned the art from their parents and their elder generations.

So this handweaving tradition transcends from generation to generation. And this mat will keep this tradition alive. and make these artisans and their communities economically sustainable.

If we buy industrial mats like artificial velvet Mats or cheap plastic mats made of any single-use artificial materials, we are actually supporting their production.

But this way we are actually contributing to the non-sustainable business interest and nobody will finally gain from it. It will be a loss to every one of us as it will be a hazard to the environment.

Handwoven craftsmanship is a considerable feature of our Mats that cannot be achieved by any machine using power looms and causing carbon emissions.

Other than the natural Madurkathi grass puja mats our velvet pooja mats are also of premium quality and made from organic cotton. They are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

if you want to use a mat very frequently and I don’t care that much about its maintenance and mostly you have to carry it along then our Velvet Pooja Mats would be a good option. You can machine-wash these mats for cleaning. No special care is needed for its maintenance.

These mats are very well made and last very long.

Our Premium Recyclable Plastic Pooja Mats are made from recyclable high-quality plastics. We have introduced these mats in our Store not because it is in high demand, but because these mats are made from reusable plastics.
If you reuse the already existing plastic in our industry we are actually doing good to nature.
Recycling plastic is a good environmental practice for sustainability because if we do not recycle the plastic will ultimately go to the landfill and create an environmental problem like plastic pollution or ocean pollution. This has cascading effects on the environment and the ecology.

If we recycle and create a new product from the already existing plastic products which are no longer in use, we are actually, destroying the older product and using the plastic to create a new product.
Plastic is harmful only when it is going into a landfill or somehow is being consumed by humans or other animals.

Our Premium Recyclable Plastic Pooja Mats are well-built premium quality and come in multiple colors. These mats last long and can withstand rough use. These Mats practically need no maintenance. You can mop it with a wet cloth and clean it.

Buy today MONTISA Puja Mats and make your pooja room shine with vibrant colors and uplift your mood and fill your mind with a holy feeling while you worship or pray or meditate.

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