MONTISA Best Jute Shoulder Bag for Women

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Jute belongs to the genus Corchorus. Its fibers are soft, flexible, long-lust. It has a natural color. To protect our environment and the planet, we need to use jute products in place of polythene. While in both, production and disposal of polythene products, pass number of hazards and toxic effects to our environment, then Jute products are totally Bio-degradable. Jute does not pollute our environment and leave nothing waste behind while disposing of.

To protect our planet, it is now our duty to use Jute products rather than polythene made products. In recent research, it reveals that jute plant, in the time of cultivation, almost in 100days, absorbs 15tons of Carbon Dioxide and releases almost 11ton of Oxygen.  So, it has an immense effect on our environment.

That’s why we are with the Slogan- ‘Keep green and keep our planet clean’.

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  • Material- This bag is made from burlap – the finest quality of Jute.
  • Dimensions- Height-34cm, length-26cm and Width-16cm
  • Features:  This is a one-compartment decorated shoulder bag for women. There is one zip closure pocket in outside. The closure type of the bag is Zip. There is one inner pocket for keeping small items like Pen, mobile, etc. The inner material of the bag is fine fabrics. There is a one-shoulder strap measuring-28cm.
  • This product is a diversified jute product.
  • This bag is Eco-friendly. It has a high capacity of absorption of moisture and heat.
  • It is flexible, long-lasting and can be repaired.
  • Care instruction: Preferably use a dry wash or brush off; avoid machine wash.
  • Six months  manufacturing Warrantee for its stitching and pasting

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Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 20 × 38 × 3 in


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