Masland Mat

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Masland or Matranchi is a type of Madur or Korai mat. It is the highest form of korai mat in terms of quality, making, and design. This super artistic work has been developed in the Nawab periods in Bengal, especially in Medinipur. The Masland mat is the perfect gesture of artistic work in the field of handmade floor mats.

The process and woven of this type of mats are quite different in contrast to the woven of other types of mat. At first, the korai reeds or madurkathi need to process. After the cutting from the field, damaged reeds have been separated. The good reeds cut and dry on sunlight. After full dry, the reeds need to sink in water for 2-3days. Thereafter again all those need to dry in direct sunlight.  Lastly, artisans again cut the reeds by 1/5 times thin than that of the reeds use for the other type of mats. It needs special type of artistic skill. Generally, silk yearn are used in weft.

The mat named ‘Masland’ because of the thinness as like ‘Masland Saree’. Though the mat is so thin and light in weight, still the quality has not compromised. Rather, it’s quality and durability is much more than that of normal mats.

The woven of the ‘Masland’ mat is very time consuming and labor oriented work. Almost, 2 weeks to 8 weeks need for woven one ‘Masland’ mat for two artisans, depending on the design and finest of the reeds. Similarly, the price also varies from Rs.1500/- to Rs.40,000/-.

Though the price of this type of mat is very high than that of the normal mat. Still, no one can compensate the artisans for their artistic gesture while making of the mats.

This mat has very esthetic value in our social life. It has wide use in marriage and other important ceremonies in India. Artisans also use to wave bride, bride-grooms and other person’s names and symbol, motifs on the mats, if they are given special orders.

The artisans who wave this type of mats are mainly women from the household. Generation to generation the skill passes. Above all, no one can feel the value of this mat, without touching or having one.


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