About Us

The Country, India is the motherland of handicrafts and handmade items. From primitive age to modern times people use to reveal their artistic soul in handicrafts. Every State and every corner of this country has its own flavor and recognition of handmade items.

We MONTISA is representing the great handicrafts heritage of this country in the true sense.

We are placing to you an exquisite range of handicrafts. From world-famous Kantha stitch embroidery to primitive Dokra sculpture, Patachitra sketching to exotic items of madurkathi(Mat), from Solapith (Indian ivory) to jute, terracotta to a wide range of handloom sarees, the State has a great specialization of crafts in many forms. We are not only representing the traditional handicrafts but also keeping in mind the present-day demands.

We are MONTISA, and we will guide you to buy genuine articles from genuine artisans at the best price from our ethnic online store.  Customer satisfaction is our main concern. Your online shopping is always protected by our support team 24×7 by mail and phone.

Please write to us and let us know your feedback, questions, suggestions, and concerns.